Contesting America: 1850-1877 Lesson Plans

2012, lesson plans

During the 2011-2012 school year, project participants learned about the growth of sectionalism, the outbreak of the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Teachers also practiced a variety of research-based instructional strategies.

Problems facing African-Americans during Reconstruction

2012, civil rights, reconstruction, voting rights

This lesson plan will use primary source documents to identify problems facing Af-Am’s during the time period. Opposing views will be identified. Remedies for problems will be brainstormed. 


2011-2012 Presentations

2011, 2012, presentations, sessions

Go to specific dates to find resources, materials, handouts, presentations and video clips.


Freedom in the Late 19th Century

2012, civll war, emancipation, gender, hahn, immigration, john brown, lesh, reconstruction, slavery, Stanley, strike, strikes, summer, summer session, supreme court

The 2012 summer session is from June 26-29 in Hutchinson. Our scholars are: