Why We Care: Let Us Tell You Some Stories

2013, earth day, environment, jackie bohnenblust

The lesson is about perspectives. There’s always a reason why a person sees the world differently. The lesson plan will offer several stories and quotes that will provide different perspectives on our environment.

A Pioneer T-Shirt

2013, manifest destiny, oregon trail, Phil Berndt, pioneers, west

This lesson plan will provide an understanding of the phrase “Manifest Destiny” and the impact that it had on the United States during the 1840’s and 1850’s. It will also offer an understanding of how this concept along with the discoveries and trails of movement to the west led to the mass migration of pioneers across the nation.

Connecting the dots: The Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement

2013, civil rights, civil war, jon bauer

This lesson is about connecting different eras in American history. It will analyze a variety of information from the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, the Nadir of American race relations, and the Civil Rights Movement. The focus of the activity is on recognizing similarities and differences between documents that have been paired up from these different eras, seeing how some ideas persist, while others change.

Problems facing African-Americans during Reconstruction

2013, civil rights, reconstruction, tom angelo, voting rights

This lesson plan will use primary source documents to identify problems facing African-Americans during the time period. Opposing views will be identified. Remedies for problems will be brainstormed. 



2013, chad adkins, homesteading, pioneers, west

This lesson looks at the Homestead Act and how it structured settlement in the West and particularly Kansas. It also discusses what the settlers have to do to be successful in settlement,and will introduce the homesteading simulation.


Expanding America: 1828 - 1900 Lesson Plans

2013, lesson plans

During the 2012-2013 school year, project participants learned about the movement of settlers into the western part of the United States, the interaction between settlers and Native Americans, and the impact