Pre-Civil War America – Slavery & The Underground Railroad

8th grade, artifacts, civil war, keil hileman, slavery

Keil's lesson focuses on providing students a sense of what pre-Civil War America was like for African Americans. The lesson looks at their lives, challenges and situations by examining the Underground Railroad, doing research and studying real slave trade artifacts.


Technological Developments of the Industrial Revolution

8th grade, industrial revolution, max heinlein, primary sources, technology

Max's lesson is designed to give students an overview of inventions created during the Industrial Revolution.  They will also learn how the Industrial Revolution changed American society.  Students will use primary sources to do their research.  They will use modern technology to present the information that they have collected.

Female Workers and Life in Lowell

8th grade, barb fowler, economics, industrial revolution, mill, mill girl, mills

Barb's lesson is designed to help students understand the recruitment and working conditions for young women who came to the industrial city of Lowell, Massachusetts to work in the textile mills. Students will grasp the concept of a planned community and understand the reasons that young women accepted these jobs.


8th grade, immigration, lori drouhard, refugee, simulation

Lori's lesson is designed for students to role-play using the Decisions, Decisions: Immigration software to help students generate informed discussion and decision-making in your classroom.  The program can be used with one computer, whole class or with many computers.  Lori found that the whole class discussion works best.


Bringing Slavery to Life

8th grade, andrea dolezal, auction, middle passage, primary sources, simulation, slavery

The Ups and the Downs to Making America

8th grade, constitution, daniel dawson, primary sources, role play

Daniel's lesson is designed to give students an overview of the different struggles the founding fathers went through to create a new government.  Students will use a variety of primary documents as well as supplemental resources in order to increase knowledge during the learning process.

Why is the US Constitution Such a Big Deal?

8th grade, constitution, government, kaye christensen

Kaye's lesson is designed to introduce students to the US Constitution and its importance to our government, our history and how it affects the present and the future.



Perspectives in US History

8th grade, jackie bohnenblust, perspectives, themes

Jackie's lesson is designed to introduce to the student a way of studying US History by using Five Main Perspectives - Environmental/Geographical, Economic, Political, Social and History.


"Unintended Consequences": Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

8th grade, cotton, kathy bollenbach, primary sources, slavery

Revolutionary Heart: Reading Books in a Jiffy

8th grade, biography, eighth grade, karen blasi, literacy, literature, suffrage, womens rights