Indian Removal Debate

8th grade, andrew jackson, debate, eighth grade, indians, primary sources, trail of tears, Tyson Bauerle

Split Decision: Slavery Compromises of the 1800s

8th grade, civil war, compromise, Compromise of 1850, eighth grade, jon bauer, kansas, Kansas-Nebraska Act, missouri compromise, slavery

Turning Points of the Civil War

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, lesson plan, primary sources, tom angelo

Tom's lesson is designed to give students a chance to review the four turning points of the Civil War. They are then asked to explain the significance of these events in their own words. Students will use a variety of primary source documents in their research. They will also be using technology to present their findings.

National History Day

8th grade, daniel dawson, history day, research, web site

Daniel has his students complete National History Day projects. In this video, one of his winning teams describes the process of creating their project.



Civil War Archives

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, kathy bollenbach, project

Students research and create displays on a variety of Civil War topics and themes.

Civil War Archives Assignment and Rubric

Video in process:

Survivor: Most Important Civil War Personalities

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, group, jon bauer, lesson plan, survivor

Jon has students research specific Civil War personalities and then argue for which is the most important of the period. Students "vote off" the personalities until there is just one left - based on the TV show, Survivor.

Revolutionary War Video

8th grade, jeff friesen, questioning, revolutionary war, saratoga, video

Jeff uses a video clip and a variety of questioning skills to lead a class discussion on the Battle of Saratoga.

CWPT Civil War Traveling Trunk

8th grade, artifacts, civil war, karen blasi, kshs, scavenger hunt

Karen asks students to examine a wide variety of artifacts from the Civil War Preservation Trust traveling trunk to learn more about the life of Civil War soldiers. Students travel to four different stations and work in small groups to collect information.

Civil War Scavenger Hunt


19th Century Review

19th century, 8th grade, civil war, review, small group, tom angelo

Tom uses a variety of stations to help kids review and cement their knowledge of the Civil War and the 19th century.

Haitian Slave Revolt / Louisiana Purchase Group Work

8th grade, group work, haiti, louisiana purchase, nathan mcalister, small group

Nathan asks students to process information and address questions in small groups. An interesting aspect of the activity is having each group post their results on a class matrix. This provides accountability and the chance for Nathan to measure progress.