Introduction to the Lewis and Clark Expedition

8th grade, corps of discovery, lewis and clark, mike sabala, primary sources

The students will realize the magnitude of Corps of Discovery’s mission and use Thomas Jefferson's letter to Captain Lewis to understand the Corps oobjectives

A Walk Through the American West

8th grade, deb o'brien, primary sources, railroads

Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

8th grade, industrial revolution, primary sources, sharon quinn


North vs. South: How Civil was the Civil War Really?

8th grade, civil war, fiction, stacey noordhoek

The purpose of Stacey's lesson is to give students a basic understanding of the Civil War and how it impacted our nation’s history.  Students will examine research information, as well as, analyze positive and negative aspects of the Civil War. 

Slavery Rebellion and Consequences

8th grade, mike meyer, primary sources, slavery, wordle


Civil War Medicine: The Minnie Ball and the Surgeon

8th grade, civil war, medicine, nathan mcalister, primary sources


Sarah and Angelina Grimke: Advocates for Abolition and Women’s Rights

8th grade, jody lubbers, primary sources, speech, womens rights

Jody''s lesson is designed to give students an overview of the work that Sarah and Angelina Grimke did for the cause of abolition and women’s rights.

Reconstruction: Analyzing Political Cartoons

8th grade, cartoons, darrel knoll, primary sources, reconstruction


African American Treatment During Reconstruction: Political Cartoons

8th grade, african american, civil war, max heinlein, political cartoons, reconstruction

This lesson is designed to give students an opportunity to form an opinion on how African-Americans were treated during Reconstruction.  Students will look at political cartoons from the time period and analyze what those cartoons mean to them.  Taking that information the students will create a political cartoon on

Andersonville Revisited

8th grade, andersonville, civll war, kris hagans, primary sources