African American Treatment During Reconstruction: Political Cartoons

8th grade, african american, civil war, max heinlein, political cartoons, reconstruction

This lesson is designed to give students an opportunity to form an opinion on how African-Americans were treated during Reconstruction.  Students will look at political cartoons from the time period and analyze what those cartoons mean to them.  Taking that information the students will create a political cartoon on

Leadership in African American Regiments and the Movies

8th grade, african american, civil war, movies, Phil Berndt

Phil's lesson will help students gain an understanding of what it took for African Americans to gain the right to fight for their freedom in the Civil War and the events which surrounded their admission into the Union army.

African American Political Participation

african american, april 2012, civil war, kerry wynn, politics, reconstruction

Fighting for Freedom

african american, african american soldiers, antietam, bruce mactavish, civil war, november 9, soldier

The African American Soldier during the U.S. Civil War

african american, civil war, mike meyer, soldier

Mike's lesson is designed to give students a personal connection to the impact African-American soldiers had on the Civil War including the state of Kansas.  Students will use a variety of primary source documents and Internet to examine key elements of the topic.