Analyzing and Discussing the US Constitution through Cooperative Learning

constitution, cooperative learning, groups, primaroy sources, troy smith

Origins of the American Constitution

8th grade, constitution, deb o'brien, eighth grade, primary sources

The Ups and the Downs to Making America

8th grade, constitution, daniel dawson, primary sources, role play

Daniel's lesson is designed to give students an overview of the different struggles the founding fathers went through to create a new government.  Students will use a variety of primary documents as well as supplemental resources in order to increase knowledge during the learning process.

Why is the US Constitution Such a Big Deal?

8th grade, constitution, government, kaye christensen

Kaye's lesson is designed to introduce students to the US Constitution and its importance to our government, our history and how it affects the present and the future.



Bill of Rights vs. Checks and Balances

8th grade eighth grade, american revolution, bill of rights, checks and balances, constitution, Phil Berndt