Expanding America through Immigration

2014, Expansion, immigration, Stacy Noordhoek

The purpose of this lesson is to provide a basic understanding of immigrants and the immigration process in America. In addition, this lesson will exhibit the role/activity of the Native American Indian and how all of these major events influenced citizenship in the United States. 


Immigration and discrimination

2014, Discrimination, immigration, kandee muse

This lesson is designed to give an overview of immigration. This lesson will explore legistlative acts, influential people, places, and events that helped shaped this everchanging time in American History. 


Lesson Plan

Who's coming? Why are they coming?

april 17, chinese, historical thinking, immigration, joel breakstone, kerry wynn

Dr. Kerry Wynn from Washburn University and Joel Breakstone from the Stanford History Education Group presented information and strategies to help teachers understand more about Asian and Chinese immigration to the American West.


Dr. Wynn
Immigration presentation


Freedom in the Late 19th Century

2012, civll war, emancipation, gender, hahn, immigration, john brown, lesh, reconstruction, slavery, Stanley, strike, strikes, summer, summer session, supreme court

The 2012 summer session is from June 26-29 in Hutchinson. Our scholars are:

Family History Project

7th grade, geography, immigrant, immigration, jim scott, kansas, seventh grade

Jim's lesson is designed to help students understand that population growth of Kansas territory was directly influenced by emigration from eastern and southern states.


A Ride Through Kansas History on the Orphan Train

7th grade, abolition, abolitionists, immigration, orphan train, stacey noordhoek, train


8th grade, immigration, lori drouhard, refugee, simulation

Lori's lesson is designed for students to role-play using the Decisions, Decisions: Immigration software to help students generate informed discussion and decision-making in your classroom.  The program can be used with one computer, whole class or with many computers.  Lori found that the whole class discussion works best.