Oral Presentation

2013, immigrants, jeff friesen, native americans

Students will choose an individual from American history and do an oral report on that person. The individual can be from any area or field and needs to have been a relevant person between 1865 – 1900. Students will dress as if they were the person they researched and present the report in first person. Part of their grade will be based on asking questions after hearing the presentations of other students. 


The Oregon Trail

jeff friesen, manifest destiny, oregon, oregon trail, west, westward movement

Jeff's lesson is designed to give students an idea of what was involved in making the journey to Oregon by way of the Oregon Trail. Students will learn what was needed to make the trip, hardships encountered and hopefully an appreciation for the toughness of the people who made the trip.

Revolutionary War Video

8th grade, jeff friesen, questioning, revolutionary war, saratoga, video

Jeff uses a video clip and a variety of questioning skills to lead a class discussion on the Battle of Saratoga.