Connecting the dots: The Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement

2013, civil rights, civil war, jon bauer

This lesson is about connecting different eras in American history. It will analyze a variety of information from the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, the Nadir of American race relations, and the Civil Rights Movement. The focus of the activity is on recognizing similarities and differences between documents that have been paired up from these different eras, seeing how some ideas persist, while others change.

A Century of Progress?

8th grade, ideals, jon bauer, primary sources, timeline

The purpose of Jon's lesson is to ask students to reflect upon the ideas presented throughout the

Split Decision: Slavery Compromises of the 1800s

8th grade, civil war, compromise, Compromise of 1850, eighth grade, jon bauer, kansas, Kansas-Nebraska Act, missouri compromise, slavery

Survivor: Most Important Civil War Personalities

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, group, jon bauer, lesson plan, survivor

Jon has students research specific Civil War personalities and then argue for which is the most important of the period. Students "vote off" the personalities until there is just one left - based on the TV show, Survivor.