“In a territory gone mad...” iPad Movie Trailers and Topics from Bleeding Kansas

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This lesson is about using the information already learned and synthesize that information into a meaningful understanding through a creative process. This procedure allows to students to use higher order thinking skills to truly absorb this moment in their state’s history. 


Kansas and the Civil War

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This lesson will look at some of the events that went into determining the forming of Kansas, including decisions that were made and justifications for those. 


Lesson Plan


Bleeding Kansas and John Brown

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Kandee's lesson is designed to give students an overview of Bleeding Kansas. They will explore legislative acts, influential people, places, and events that helped shaped this turbulent time in American History. Students are introduced to the causes and effects of Bleeding Kansas. and how the question of slavery lead to the violence in the territory of Kansas.

Native American and US Goverment Fight Over Land

7th grade, diane wiess rhodes, indians, kansas, land, primary sources, seventh grade

Diane's lesson is designed to help students understand the tension over land ownership in Kansas. Students will create a newspaper detailing events that created conflict between Native Americans and the U.S. government and settlers and then will articulate their opinion of this infringement.

Family History Project

7th grade, geography, immigrant, immigration, jim scott, kansas, seventh grade

Jim's lesson is designed to help students understand that population growth of Kansas territory was directly influenced by emigration from eastern and southern states.


Split Decision: Slavery Compromises of the 1800s

8th grade, civil war, compromise, Compromise of 1850, eighth grade, jon bauer, kansas, Kansas-Nebraska Act, missouri compromise, slavery

Traveling the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails

7th grade, chad adkins, kansas, kansas history, oregon, primary sources, santa fe, seventh grade, trail

Chad's lesson is designed to review the purpose of the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail. Students will also expand their knowledge of each trail and put a plan together for a trip on each trail. This plan will include a packing list for their wagons. The students will use primary sources to help form their plans and packing list.

Kansas History Newscast

7th grade, group, history, jim scott, kansas, newscast, presentation

Jim's seventh grade students research a variety of Kansas topics in groups and then present their information as a local newscast.

Kansas Newscast Assignment and Evaluations


Kansas Railroads, Gandy Dancers and Hands-On Learning

7th grade, artifact, bill woodward, kansas, railroad, seventh grade, video

Bill uses a short video clip of railroad workers to introduce the practice of creating and maintaining Kansas railroads. Students use spike mauls and sledge hammers to drive spikes into actual railroad ties.

Railroad articles, resources and maps


Kansas Characters Chautauqua

7th grade, chautauqua, kansas, seventh grade

As part of their final presentations, seventh graders share information about their Kansas characters - Chautauqua style.

Kansas Chautauqua Assignment and Rubric