Manifest Destiny: Did the Benefits Outweigh the Negative Consequences

2013, kathy bollenbach, manifest destiny, west

This Lesson plan will offer details about Manifest Destiny and the movement out west. Americans sought territory, resources and refuge beyond the Mississippi River in the 1840's. The pioneers, military expeditions, and enterpeneurs achieved great success in the west. However there were consequences poitically, diplomatically, and environmentally. Did the great benefits of Manifest Destiny outweigh the negative consequences?


"Unintended Consequences": Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

8th grade, cotton, kathy bollenbach, primary sources, slavery

Civil War Archives

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, kathy bollenbach, project

Students research and create displays on a variety of Civil War topics and themes.

Civil War Archives Assignment and Rubric

Video in process: