Romanticizing the West

2013, max heinlein, west, westward movement

This lesson is designed to show how people learned about distant places in a time when there was no television, radio, or Internet, and when means of communication was very slow. Also how an artist interpretation of a place could influence people. 


African American Treatment During Reconstruction: Political Cartoons

8th grade, african american, civil war, max heinlein, political cartoons, reconstruction

This lesson is designed to give students an opportunity to form an opinion on how African-Americans were treated during Reconstruction.  Students will look at political cartoons from the time period and analyze what those cartoons mean to them.  Taking that information the students will create a political cartoon on

Technological Developments of the Industrial Revolution

8th grade, industrial revolution, max heinlein, primary sources, technology

Max's lesson is designed to give students an overview of inventions created during the Industrial Revolution.  They will also learn how the Industrial Revolution changed American society.  Students will use primary sources to do their research.  They will use modern technology to present the information that they have collected.