A Pioneer T-Shirt

2013, manifest destiny, oregon trail, Phil Berndt, pioneers, west

This lesson plan will provide an understanding of the phrase “Manifest Destiny” and the impact that it had on the United States during the 1840’s and 1850’s. It will also offer an understanding of how this concept along with the discoveries and trails of movement to the west led to the mass migration of pioneers across the nation.

Leadership in African American Regiments and the Movies

8th grade, african american, civil war, movies, Phil Berndt

Phil's lesson will help students gain an understanding of what it took for African Americans to gain the right to fight for their freedom in the Civil War and the events which surrounded their admission into the Union army.

Bill of Rights vs. Checks and Balances

8th grade eighth grade, american revolution, bill of rights, checks and balances, constitution, Phil Berndt