One Day in Gettysburg

8th grade, andrea dolezal, civil war, drama, gettysburg, primary sources, song


Andrew Jackson, Hero, Monster, or Somewhere in Between?

8th grade, andrew jackson, kaye christensen, primary sources

Andrew Jackson was a complex and influential key player of the 19th century whose two terms as United States president helped shape policy on states rights, labor and industrialization, Indian removal, economic power structures, and slavery.

The Historical Significance of the Gettysburg Address

8th grade, civil war, gettysburg address, newspapers, primary sources, Tyson Bauerle


A Century of Progress?

8th grade, ideals, jon bauer, primary sources, timeline

The purpose of Jon's lesson is to ask students to reflect upon the ideas presented throughout the

Understanding the Slave Trade

8th grade, chad adkins, primary sources, slave, slave trade, slaves


Creating a DBQ Question

april 2012, dbq, mickey ebert, primary sources, reconstruction

Document-Based Question

april 2012, dbq, mickey ebert, primary sources, reconstruction

Sherman's Field Order #15

april 2012, kerry wynn, primary sources, reconstruction, sherman

Civil War Aftermath and Reconstruction

april 2012, civil war, kerry wynn, mickey ebert, primary sources, reconstruction, simulation, slavery

Dr. Kerry Wynn from Washburn University and Mickey Ebert from the National Archives presented information and strategies to help teachers understand the impact of the war and Reconstruction on American society.

Black Soldiers in the Civil War

african american soldiers, antietam, black soldiers, civil war, mickey ebert, primary sources, strategy