Civil War Photo Story

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, mike sabala, photographs, primary sources

Origins of the Civil War

8th grade, causes, civil war, eighth grade, primary sources, sister o'brien

Origins of the American Constitution

8th grade, constitution, deb o'brien, eighth grade, primary sources

Adding Fuel to the Fire

8th grade, civil war, mary smith, popular sovereignty, primary sources, sectionalism

Technological Developments of the Industrial Revolution

8th grade, industrial revolution, max heinlein, primary sources, technology

Max's lesson is designed to give students an overview of inventions created during the Industrial Revolution.  They will also learn how the Industrial Revolution changed American society.  Students will use primary sources to do their research.  They will use modern technology to present the information that they have collected.

The Bully of the Plains

facebook, indian, kris hagans, native american, plains, primary sources, west, westward movement

Bringing Slavery to Life

8th grade, andrea dolezal, auction, middle passage, primary sources, simulation, slavery

The Ups and the Downs to Making America

8th grade, constitution, daniel dawson, primary sources, role play

Daniel's lesson is designed to give students an overview of the different struggles the founding fathers went through to create a new government.  Students will use a variety of primary documents as well as supplemental resources in order to increase knowledge during the learning process.

"Unintended Consequences": Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

8th grade, cotton, kathy bollenbach, primary sources, slavery

Indian Removal Debate

8th grade, andrew jackson, debate, eighth grade, indians, primary sources, trail of tears, Tyson Bauerle