Did Abolitionists Support the Underground Railroad

2014, abolitionists, mike meyer, slavery, slaves, underground railroad

This lesson will explore not only the causes for slaves to escape but also the methods that they used. Additionally, student will investigate primary source documents and visuals relating to the Underground Railroad. 


Uncle Tom's Cabin

2013, lori drouhard, slavery, uncle tom

This lesson plan will compare and contrast the life of a slave on three very different plantations in the South during the mid 1800's. The movie (Uncle Tom's Cabin) will showcase a hard look at racial views at that time and now, and what it was like to be a free man or a slave.


Slavery Rebellion and Consequences

8th grade, mike meyer, primary sources, slavery, wordle


Freedom in the Late 19th Century

2012, civll war, emancipation, gender, hahn, immigration, john brown, lesh, reconstruction, slavery, Stanley, strike, strikes, summer, summer session, supreme court

The 2012 summer session is from June 26-29 in Hutchinson. Our scholars are:

Civil War Aftermath and Reconstruction

april 2012, civil war, kerry wynn, mickey ebert, primary sources, reconstruction, simulation, slavery

Dr. Kerry Wynn from Washburn University and Mickey Ebert from the National Archives presented information and strategies to help teachers understand the impact of the war and Reconstruction on American society.

Emancipation Proclamation

8th grade, eighth grade, Emancipation Proclamation, mike self, primary sources, slavery

Mike's lesson is designed to allow students an opportunity to explore several primary documents which shed light onto how and why Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.


Voices of Slavery in Colonial America

5th grade, colonial america, leslie krug, revolutionary war, slavery, underground railroad

Leslie's lesson is designed to give students an overview of slavery in colonial America and the ways in which some Northern slaves handled the chaos of the American Revolution.



Pre-Civil War America – Slavery & The Underground Railroad

8th grade, artifacts, civil war, keil hileman, slavery

Keil's lesson focuses on providing students a sense of what pre-Civil War America was like for African Americans. The lesson looks at their lives, challenges and situations by examining the Underground Railroad, doing research and studying real slave trade artifacts.


Bringing Slavery to Life

8th grade, andrea dolezal, auction, middle passage, primary sources, simulation, slavery

"Unintended Consequences": Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

8th grade, cotton, kathy bollenbach, primary sources, slavery