Speech discussion & Venn DIagram

discussion, graphic organizer, seventh grade, small group, speech, venn diagram

Daniel has his students compare and contrast two different speeches - FDR's address to Congress in 1941 and George W. Bush's speech to the nation in 2001. He then leads a discussion using a simple Venn diagram to help students grasp similarities and differences.



Dr. Bruce MacTavish Morning Session April 19 2011

bruce mactavish, diary, primary sources, slavery, small group

19th Century Review

19th century, 8th grade, civil war, review, small group, tom angelo

Tom uses a variety of stations to help kids review and cement their knowledge of the Civil War and the 19th century.

Haitian Slave Revolt / Louisiana Purchase Group Work

8th grade, group work, haiti, louisiana purchase, nathan mcalister, small group

Nathan asks students to process information and address questions in small groups. An interesting aspect of the activity is having each group post their results on a class matrix. This provides accountability and the chance for Nathan to measure progress.