Sarah and Angelina Grimke: Advocates for Abolition and Women’s Rights

8th grade, jody lubbers, primary sources, speech, womens rights

Jody''s lesson is designed to give students an overview of the work that Sarah and Angelina Grimke did for the cause of abolition and women’s rights.

A House Divided

8th grade, civil war, eighth grade, lincon, mark schmidt, primary sources, speech

Mark's lesson is designed to review the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision as background for Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech at the Illinois Republican Convention in 1858 using primary source documents. 


Speech discussion & Venn DIagram

discussion, graphic organizer, seventh grade, small group, speech, venn diagram

Daniel has his students compare and contrast two different speeches - FDR's address to Congress in 1941 and George W. Bush's speech to the nation in 2001. He then leads a discussion using a simple Venn diagram to help students grasp similarities and differences.