Bringing Slavery to Life

8th grade, andrea dolezal, auction, middle passage, primary sources, simulation, slavery

Andrea's lesson is designed to illustrate to students what it may have been like to be torn from a family they love, only to be shackled to strangers for the two month Middle Passage, sold as property and forced to work as an enslaved person without human rights. Students will imagine they are on a ship and participate in a simulated slave auction. The lesson includes a required written paragraph describing their experience.

Lesson Plan: PDF

(Simulated slave auctions run the risk of creating a hostile learning environment among participating students if not handled correctly. One suggestion would be to make sure your administrator and parents are aware that a simulated auction is planned as part of the learning process. A second suggestion would be to view the two lesson plans below for additional teaching strategies:
Slave Auctions in South Carolina

Life on a Southern Plantation for African American Enslaved Persons)