Causes of the Civil War

8th grade, causes, civil war, eighth grade, sharon quinn

Sharon's lesson is designed to give students an overview of the causes of the Civil War.  They will experience these events through art, photography, drama and physical activity.  Students will use the history text as well as internet and primary source documents in their exploration.  They will be using a visual timeline to illustrate their findings.

Lesson Plan - Word / PDF
Bleeding Kansas Task List
- Word / PDF
Compromise of 1850 - Word / PDF
Dred Scott Directions - Word / PDF
John Brown Raid - Word / PDF
Kansas Nebraska Act - Word / PDF
Questions for Slavery Center - Word / PDF
Sectionalism Cards Timeline - PDF
Sectionalism Task Card - Word / PDF
Slavery Points of View - Word / PDF
Dred Scott vs. Sanford - Word / PDF
Who Said It Game Board - Excel / PDF
Who Said It Game Board Quotes - PDF
Dred Scott Nametags - Excel / PDF