Conflicting Views on the Indian Removal Act

8th grade, cherokee, eighth grade, indians, jackson, jill weber, trail of tears

Jill's lesson is designed to give students an opportunity to see the different view points towards the Native Americans living in the southeastern United States during the time of the Indian Removal Act.  This lesson shows the students conflicting views from Andrew Jackson, Chief Justice John Marshall, and Cherokee Chief John Ross.  The fourth document the students will study is a painting titled “Trail of Tears” by Robert Lindneux.  This lesson will also provide historical thinking skills by requiring the students to study three primary sources and draw conclusions from those documents.

Lesson Plan - Word / PDF
Jackson Cartoon - Word / PDF
Indian Removal Act Primary Sources Worksheet
- Word / PDF
Primary Documents A, B, C
- Word / PDF
Primary Document D
- Word / PDF
The Trail on Which They Wept PowerPoint