Environmental History and the American West

The 2013 summer session is from June 11-14 in Hutchinson.

Our scholars are:

Dr. Mark Fiege
Professor of History
Colorado State University

Dr. Elliott West

Distinguished Professor of History
University of Arkansas

Dr. Thomas Andrews
Associate Professor of History
University of Colorado


Nathan McAlister
Social Studies Teacher
Royal Valley Middle School
Mayetta, Kansas


Print / Handouts (pdfs):
A New Look at The Great Plains

Dr. Fiege
Primary Documents packet
Olmstead / Yosemite

Kennecott Journey: The Paths Out of Town

Dr. West
Columbian Exchange presentation (pdf)
The Grass Revolution presentation (pdf)

Dr. Andrews
Poetry and primary documents

Conservation primary documents
Fanny Palmer Empire image
Dugout on the South Loop RIver

A Corner in Wheat video
Railroads and Agriculture presentation (pdf)
Mining and the Environment presentation (pdf)
Conservation and Preservation presentation (pdf)


Nathan McAlister
The Resources Rush
Native Americans and the Buffalo

Activity Photo Analysis Rush and Nature
The Rush Analysis corrections

Buffalo Parts Analysis

Videos / Presentations:

Dr. Fiege
Session One


Additional Readings / Books / Websites:
Colorado State University Environmental History page
William Cronon / Environmental Historian
Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West (by William Cronon)

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
North American Slave Narratives
War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Sick from Freedom and Liberation from Disease (Freed slaves following the Civil War)

Doing History
The Columbian Exchange: Biological and Culture Consequences of 1492
KSHS Traveling Trunks
Peace Medals
North Dakota natural gas fires

Denver Library Western Photos (mining images)
Calisphere - A World of Primary Sources and More