Expanding America: 1828 - 1900 Lesson Plans

2013, lesson plans

During the 2012-2013 school year, project participants learned about the movement of settlers into the western part of the United States, the interaction between settlers and Native Americans, and the impact of environment on historical events. Teachers also practiced a variety of research-based instructional strategies. Following the spring session, teachers created individual lesson plans using historical content and best practices learned throughout the year.


Chad Adkins

Thomas Angelo
Problems facing African-Americans during Reconstrusction

Jon Bauer
Connecting the Dots: The Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement


Tyson Bauerle
Was the Civil War Worth It

Phil Berndt
A Pioneer T-shirt

Jackie Bohnenblust
Why we care: Let Us Tell You Some Stories


Kathy Bollenbach
Manifest Destiny: Did the Benefits Outweight the Negative Consequences


Kaye Christensen

Andrew Jackson: Hero, Monster, or Somewhere in Between?


.Joe Cotton

J.W. Robison- Confederate Soldi

Daniel Dawson

Gone with the Wind: The Civil War Through the Eyes of Hollywood



Andrea Dolezal
The Boston Massacre

Lori Drouhard
Uncle Tom's Cabin

Barbara Fowler


Jeff Friesen

Oral Presentation


Kris Hagans
Cartooning War

Max Heinlein
Romanticizing the West

Keil Hileman

Slavery & the Underground Railroad


Chris Jensen
The Worst Atrocity

Leslie Klug
Whose Responsibility is it? What can we do today to avoid another Holocaust?

Darrel Knoll
Reconstruction: Analyzing Political Cartoons

Jody Lubbers
Using the Five-Paragraph Essay in a Social Studies Class

Nathan McAlister
Civil War Medicine: The Minnie Ball and the Surgeon

Mike Meyer
Did Abolitionists Support the Underground Railroad?

Kandee Muse
Immigration and Discrimination

Stacey Noordhoek
Expanding America through Immigration

Deb O'Brien
Native American Cultures

Sister Joseph Mary O'Brien
The Middle Ages

Sharon Quinn

Causes of the Civil War

Michael Sabala
Twain on Topic

Shannan Saludares


Mark Schmidt
Kansas and the Civil War

Jim Scott

Family History Project

Mike Self
Lewis and Clark Exploration

Michael Skaggs

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Troy Smith
"In a Territory Gone Mad..." Ipad Movie Trailers and Topics from Bleeding Kansas

Mary Smith
Daniel Shay's Rebellion

Jill Weber

Conflicting Views of the Indian Removal Act

Diane Weiss-Rhodes
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bill Woodward
The Populist Movement 1867-1896, and the Election of 1896